Native Santa Volunteer of the Year!

Native Santa Volunteer of the Year!

by Santa Dave,  aka Native Santa, Tucson AZ


My oh my.. what a thrilling night! Almost couldnt sleep.

Mrs. C and I attending a hospice dinner. Great company, such super folks. And even though it wasn't necessary, i'm honored to say they chose the Santa tag team as the volunteer of the year. OHHH rosy cheeks!!! Thank you, it really is a great honor.

native santa 2Then we shared with the group about the Santa hugs., explaining that we would be delivering them on all our visits. Mrs. C modeled it for them. They LOVED this idea.

And if this wasn't enough, as Mrs. C and I where floating across the parking lot.. we got cut off at the pass!

Out of this car pops this woman, who is quickly telling us that she just mailed us a letter. She opened the back door and out stepped this blonde curly head young man, who was shyly peeking. She explained that they had just written the letter the past few days and had decided to mail it tonight. They literally had just put in the mail box when she saw us.

She was hoping for a picture. So, of course we had to have one! We realized very quickly that this was a very special child. We spoke quietly for a few minutes... and just as he was getting ready to go.. Mrs. C presented him with the first Santa hug of our season. Talk about grinning ear to ear. He was glowing. So were we.

We then topped off the night by driving over by a local ice skating rink just to watch. Santa couldnt resist passing out a few candy canes. More SMILES!

Now, how were we supposed to sleep after that?

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