Santa Kringle gives Love, Hope and Joy

Santa Kringle gives Love, Hope and Joy

A note from Santa Kringle


Good Morning all,

This past weekend, while doing a gig, a Mother approached me and asked if she could talk to me about her 32 year old daughter that has Down Syndrome.  Yes! of course, I said, and she began to tell me all about Jamie and how she was at her wits end and asked if I would make a special house call and maybe make her feel better. I said that I would and made the visit yesterday. Jamie was so excited to see me and we had a great time. I brought her a Teddy Bear and a Santa Hug. Upon leaving the mother took me aside and thanked me for the visit with tears in her eyes told me that this is a Christmas that Jamie and her will never forget.  Giving of ones time is a very precious gift!


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