The Value of Santa

The Value of Santa

Ever wonder about the Value of Santa?  Santa John shares an exchange with a special family about the importance of Santa in one family's life?  All of our Santas have similar stories! 




From Mom to Santa

This is the only place we have had our Santa pictures taken in the last 12 years.  My triplets have never seen any other Santa.  It is so cool to look back at the pictures year after year and Santa looks the same.  The triplets are 12 and my oldest is 14 and they still enjoy doing this and it is partly because of this photography group and their Santa.  What I really want to mention, though, is that this year was very hard for them.  Their father passed away a few weeks ago and even though we had been divorced for 8 years, he still always came with us when we did this.  The kids very much associate this yearly event with their dad.  The man who plays Santa took extra time with them and spoke to them before the pictures and cheered them up so we had smiles on their faces for the photo.

At this age, there are not many more years for Santa pictures, I’m sure.  I have no doubt that “Santa” allowed them to believe in what Christmas is about.

Santa to Mom

I can't thank you enough for your kind words. But the real reason for writing is your children. I have enjoyed watching them grow through the years and look forward to seeing them every year. I was saddened to hear of their Dad's passing and know how difficult it is. I lost my Dad when I was 17.

Your children will be okay. As I told them, I had to learn that lesson from a 6 year old. After acknowledging that he was probably going to die soon, he looked at his grandma and told her that it would be ok. Not perfect, not great, but ok. Some days will be awful, and you will pray for ok. And other days will be pretty good. They will always have a hole in their heart, but it will become filled with good memories and good thoughts.

I hope you all have a good Christmas season. Help them remember the good things of their Dad, and celebrate the real reason for Christmas.

And it will be okay.

Santa Claus
Love, Hope, and Joy Wrapped in a HUG

Mom's response to Santa

How wonderful to get a letter from Santa at my age!  Thank you again for you kind words and your help.  It really was not ‘so great’ leading up to our visit with you.  Everyone was grouchy... they were thinking of their past Santa visits with their dad.  I knew about 90% of it was grief.  They truly were so much better after their visit with you.  There will be lot of activities they used to do with their dad and the first time (and more, probably) they do them without him will be tough.  You definitely brightened their day.  I lost my father at 7.  Their dad passed at our home under hospice care, so we have been told about and plan to work with their grief program for children.  Their schools/counselors and teachers have been incredibly supportive as well.  It is wonderful how much more we know, now, and how much more support is available for kids and really everyone, during their time of grief.

I have been lucky.  My children have ‘stayed young’.  They really do still enjoy their visits to Santa each year.  I heard a mother in front of me saying her 8 year thought she was too old for sitting with Santa.  How sad.  I really do think you have helped them to continue to enjoy this Christmas tradition and keep the Christmas Spirit going.

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