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Santa Scheuch delivering Love, Hope and Joy

Santa John bringing Love, Hope and Joy!

The best Santas from across America come together to focus on our special mission: To provide an unhurried visit to families facing physical or emotional crisis from a loving, committed, trained, and back-grounded Santa.

Santa America is a national volunteer service organization with Santa's reaching out across America to visit children and families facing physical, emotional, and situational crisis. Santa Claus visits when a child or family needs him, any month of the year.

Our highly trained Santa's visit your child and family in your home, in the hospital or hospice, where ever needed bringing with him a warm Santa hug and spreading Love, Hope and Joy wherever he goes for everyone he meets.

Each visit is unique, bringing your child and family special attention, love and emotional support.

Santa recognizes every visit, wherever it may be, is an individual encounter with special circumstances. Very special care is taken to know and understand your special situation, when your special Santa is delivering the gifts of Love, Hope and Joy on each visit.



All Santa America Santas are all highly trained, qualified and undergo rigorous background validation.  From across America we come together to focus on providing an unhurried from a loving, committed, trained and prepared Santa.



Santa America is fully HIPAA compliant and respects patient and family privacy.  We are a member of, and follow precedents established by the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization (NHPCO) and Children’s Hospice International (CHI).



All of our Santa's are highly trained and background verified, including training for situations involving death, bereavement, post traumatic stress, autism.  All Santa's are required to receive Federal and State Patient Privacy Regulations.

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Love, Hope and Joy

Lifetime Memories... One Visit at a Time

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Your Input is Needed You have probably noticed our revamped website to provide an exciting new tool to communicate our mission and special visits.  We want to hear from you

Santa America Services

Time and Time Again

Santa America - National Service Recognized Look who made the Times List of the 11 best Santas! "Elf before self” is the motto of Ernest Berger, 70, the founder of

Vice President Military Services, Santa America, Inc.

This Time its Santa Steve

Santa Steve! One of only 11 of the best Santas, and he is A Santa America Santa.. Steve Humphries, 58, Vice President of Santa-America’s Military Support Programs and Chief of

The Value of Santa

Ever wonder about the Value of Santa?  Santa John shares an exchange with a special family about the importance of Santa in one family's life?  All of our Santas have similar

The Innocence of a Child

Santa, It's a truly wonderful thing you do for the kids and community. I didn't realize just how far-reaching your efforts went so, thank you, thank you, thank you. The

SUBS for Santa Underway

Tonight we had SUBs for Santa at 4 Red Robin Restaurants in the Kansas City Area.  Many Thanks to Red Robin for working to provide Socks, Underwear and Belts for

SUBs for Santa

SUBs for Santa. You can't find it at a Subway, but you can learn about this program here Get involved... it is so easy to help a child in

Special Needs Event

Special Fellow

Special Fellow for Kids with Special Needs Michelle Matthews Writing for AL. Com Sensory Friendly Santa Bends Ear; Spreads Cheer

Joshua Sarnowski, 7 marched right up. He wanted

Serving our Military Families

Santa Steve stays busy.  In addition to supporting individual families; Santa did a Toy Rucksack Force March with the Soldiers of the 710th and a Photo shoot to Support for the Brothers and

Sensory Santa Event Saturday

Sensory Santa Event For the second year in a row, Goodwill Easter Seals, Santa America, and Epsilon Sigma Alpha have come together to focus on a special mission: to provide

Santa Scheuch delivering Love, Hope and Joy

Santa Visits Kansas City Hospice House

Santa John Scheuch came to Kansas City Hospice House for pictures, cookie decorating, and visiting with patients and families.

Santa America Services

Santa Trust

All Santa America Santas are all highly trained, qualified and undergo rigorous background validation.  From across America we come together to focus on providing an unhurried from a loving, committed,

Santa supports our Vets!

Military support of our vets, service members and their families are an important component of Santa America! Santa Ernest helped kick off the 2015 Christmas season at the annual City

Santa America - Love, Hope and Joy

Santa supports Food Drive

Santa supports the Gateway Film Center Annual Hoot Food Drive for the Columbus Open Shelter (Columbus, Ohio).   Santa is pictured here with one of the children who helped share in

Santa supporting Veterans!

Santa America Founder Santa Ernest loves supporting our Veterans during the Fairhope, Alabama Veterans Day Parade with members of Marine Corp League and Wolf, Bear and Lion Cubs from the

Santa Supporting Military Families

Santa Supporting our Deployed Military Families by Santa Steve Humphries A couple of pictures from the event held Yesterday with the children of the deployed soldiers of 3-10 BCT whose

Santa Spotlight: Santa Mike Berg

The November Spotlight is Santa Mike Berg in Pennsylvania.   Q: Tell us why you chose to volunteer with Santa America? I was drawn to find Santa America after a we had

Santa Spotlight: Santa Bill French

  Santa America will be highlighting the incredible volunteers who deliver Love, Hope and Joy throughout the year!   Santa Bill French and Christmas Carol Santa

Santa America Volunteer Organization

Santa Services

Santa America Serves: Hospital and Hospice Services, Disaster Services, Military Support Services, and Santa America Santas are trained and prepared for the special circumstances and sensitivity needed to provide services

Santa Richard Sharing Love

Santa Richard Knapp sharing Love, Hope and Joy to Santa's special children in Columbus, OH.

Santa Kringle gives Love, Hope and Joy

A note from Santa Kringle   Good Morning all, This past weekend, while doing a gig, a Mother approached me and asked if she could talk to me about her

Santa Frank supporting Special Olympics

Santa Frank Rouse and Mrs Claus visited the Holiday Bazaar for Special Olympics of Hamilton County Indiana.

Santa Australia supports Red Cross

Santa Ian Loxton supports the Australian Red Cross to help get the needed donations for the Christmas Break.  Thanks Santa Ian!

Santa and KC Royals

Santa John Scheuch supported an event with the Variety Club. The Kansas City Royals Charities presented a check for $60,000 to build an adaptive playground for children with mobility issues.

Santa America Mission


Santa America Santa's have been visiting children for years. We bring these services and programs together as points of light creating a true national effort.

Disaster Relief Services


Santa America Santas are trained, certified and are prepared for the unique circumstances of each visit, and to each individual and family situation.  Our Santas respect the privacy of individuals

Plenty of Love, Hope and Joy to go around

Yesterday I (Santa Jack Senterfitt) did a Santa home visit for Baby Blake Jones and his two brothers. Blake was born in July via an emergency C-section, after a placental

Santa America Hospice and Hospital Services

Our Standards

Every Santa is subject to the toughest of background checks.  Santa America is diligent in background check validation for all Santa America Santas.

Santa America Mission

Our Mission

The Santa America Mission The “Core Mission” of Santa America continues as our primary service focus.  Santa America brings Love, Hope and Joy wrapped in a warm Santa hug to

North Pole is gearing up!

Greetings from the North Pole!  Santa already knows this to be true but the elves have been busy updating lists and confirming addresses for the upcoming season. To our Santas, if

Native Santa Volunteer of the Year!

by Santa Dave,  aka Native Santa, Tucson AZ   My oh my.. what a thrilling night! Almost couldnt sleep. Mrs. C and I attending a hospice dinner. Great company, such

Santa America Military Support Program

Military Support Services

Military Services Program A Santa America Program Santa America stands ready to serve major military bases in the USA and overseas with a committed, trained and uniformed S. Claus! We coordinate

Meet Santa

The Santa America Santa is a loving, caring, trained and verified volunteer professional bringing love, hope and joy to children and families across America, facing a situational crisis.

Making Children Forever Believers!

Santa Steve Humphries and Dana Belle Claus knew so much about this special child that they received the following response...."My child is a total believer!  Thanks for keeping the magic alive

Santa America

Love, Hope & Joy

Santa America is a national organization with the heart and soul to bring shining points of light to children and families in distress across America.

Santa America Hospice and Hospital Services

Hospital and Hospice Services

Hospital and Hospice Services A Santa America Service Every Santa America volunteer is HIPPA compliant (Healthcare Information Patient Privacy Act), and is fully briefed on the existing medical condition(s) to

Santa America - Love, Hope & Joy

Have you signed up?

Are you interested in seeing what Santa America volunteers are doing across the nation?  Use the link below to sign up and receive our quarterly newsletter. Friends of Santa America

Disaster Relief Services

Disaster Relief Services

Disaster Relief Services A Santa America Service Santa America brings Love, Hope and Joy wrapped in a warm Santa hug to children and their families in grief and bereavement, children

Did you know Santa can Skype?

Santa just did his second annual Skype visit from the North Pole to sweet Georgia Calhoun and her little brother, Dawson, in Leesburg, FL. Georgia is autistic and I met

Santa America Service Programs


Our Santa's are compassionate volunteers of great heart representing the highest standards, serving and supporting the Santa America Mission across America.

Caring Santas

Our Santas are loving, caring volunteers with appropriate training for special situations and circumstances, all while delivering Love, Hope and Joy.

Santa Dave - Santa America

Autism Support Services

Autism Services A Santa America Service Program Santa America brings Love, Hope and Joy wrapped in a warm Santa hug to children and their families in grief and bereavement, children with

Santa America - Love, Hope and Joy

All wrapped up with a Hug!

Santa Ernest shows all children the power of Love, Hope and Joy.  Pictured here is how Santa's love is wrapped in a HUG!

About Santa America

About Us

Santa America is a National Service Organization Founded in 2003, Santa America is a national volunteer service organization with over two-hundred Santa's reaching out across America to visit children and

A note of Thanks from Milestone Academy…

Ever so often we need to toot our own horn.  Here's what Milestone Academy had to say about Santa John Scheuch... "We are proud to support this organization. Your Santa

2019 Symposium

Santas & Special Children Thursday, Sep 19th > 21st - Overland Park, Kansas Fees + Amenities Fee: $200 Note:  The fee is waived, if you are a fully-compliant