Autism Visits
Santa America Programs

Santa America has created a unique Autism sensitive opportunity for families that have a child with a spectrum disorder.

Santa visits in an environment that is calming, quiet and pre-scheduled with little or no waiting.

We provide training for Santas, assisting them in dealing with the unique challenges and opportunities that may present themselves,  for children with an Autism spectrum disorder.

 An American Family Tradition

The yearly visit and photo session with Santa Claus is an American family tradition! There are many families who have a collection of pictures that show their children with Santa from year to year capturing the joyful memories of holiday seasons past. Yet, some families are unable to share in this wonderful experience because of the excitement, happy noises and the long lines that accompany many Santa photo sets.

Santa Rouse of Santa America fulfilling the Santa America mission of bringing Love, Hope and Joy!

When a child must deal with the challenges that may accompany Autism, then these kinds of waits and noises can simply be too much. Sometimes, the challenges of autistic symptoms exclude a child and their family from events that others take for granted.

Santa America has a unique Autism sensitive opportunity for families that have a child with a spectrum disorder.

For groups that have a Santa who already provides this service, Santa America welcomes your existing Santa to join our interactive pre-season training. Santa America training is built, in part, on the “Best Visit Practices” of our entire national team. Your Santa can be a valuable addition to our training programs!

Autism Awareness
A Santa America Visit

Santa America is Autism aware. Our Santas are trained to meet the special needs of children with an Autism Spectrum disorder.  

These downloadable links are informative resources for Santa to help children and families prepare for a visit from a situationally aware Santa.

A Visit from Santa-Autism.pdf
An Autism Language Board.pdf
Santas Exceptional Children.pdf
Santa Opportunities Image.pdf
‘Self Soothing’ Technique.pdf
‘Self Soothing’ Technique.doc
‘Self Soothing’ Technique.docx

Join Santa America

If you portray Santa Claus and you are interested in receiving free training and help in connecting with local families with children who have a spectrum disorder, OR if you are a family with a child living with these challenges and you are interested in creating a holiday family tradition, contact Santa America for more details….   

Santa America recognizes and respects the importance of confidentiality for all visits.
Our Santas and Mrs. Clauses receive specialized training, for the sensitive nature of visits encountered in medical and emotional situations.

Where appropriate, a release form is provided prior to publishing any personal photos or information.