Santa America Services

A National Organization

Founded in 2003, Santa America is a national volunteer service organization with Santa's reaching out across America to visit children and families facing physical, emotional, and situational crisis. Santa Claus visits when a child or family needs him, any month of the year.

Santa America's special mission is to provide an unhurried visit to families facing physical or emotional crisis from a loving, committed, trained, and back-grounded Santa.

Our trained Santa's visit your child and family in your home, in the hospital or hospice, where ever Santa America is needed, any time of the year, bringing with him a warm Santa hug and spreading Love, Hope and Joy wherever he goes for everyone he meets.

Service is the Mission Focus

Our 'Core Mission' is to bring Love, Hope and Joy wrapped in a warm Santa hug to children and their families in grief and bereavement, to children with a chronic pediatric illnesses, or children suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).

Santa is available to visit children and families in distress where-ever he is needed, in hospice, hospital or at home 365 days a year.

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Santa America provides Santa visits and event opportunities for several unique programs.  Follow these links to review the programs and services we sponsor.


& Hospice

HIPPA compliant, situation aware Santa visits...



Santa America serves in the USA and overseas...



A unique Autism sensitive opportunity for families...



The children’s natural disaster relief program...

Our Santas and Mrs. Clauses receive specialized training, for the potentially sensitive nature of Santa visits.
Santa America recognizes and respects the importance of confidentiality for all visits.

A release form is provided prior to publishing personal photos or information.

Click the logo link to donate to the Santa America Mission...

Click the logo link to donate to the Santa America Mission...

Click the logo link to donate to the Santa America Mission...

Connecting Children with Santa

Santa America bringing Love, Hope and Joy all year long

Fulfilling Dreams Across America

Santa America is a unique organization of certified and compassionate Santas volunteering wherever they are needed in hospitals, hospice, during disaster relief, military units, in homes with autism challenges and in family homes to support children and families confronted by challenging situations.