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All Santa America Santas are referred by hospice and hospital staff, social workers and special education professionals.

Santa respects the privacy of each child and their family.  Each Santa America Volunteer is HIPPA compliant (Healthcare Information Patient Privacy Act).  Santa prepares for each visit by gathering information regarding a child’s favorite toys, food, entertainment, action heroes, and family holiday traditions, and each Santa is briefed on any existing medical condition(s) to be accommodated.

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A Santa prepares for his visit by gathering personal bonding information about the child and family (ex. favorite toys, food, entertainment, action heroes, and family holiday traditions) and is briefed on the existing medical condition that will be accommodated during the visit. Every Santa America volunteer is HIPPA compliant (Healthcare Information Patient Privacy Act). Child and family privacy is always respected.

Santa is delighted to deliver gifts gathered for a child by family and friends. Santa himself brings a “Santa Hug” scarf or other symbolic gifts for the child. Santa believes the greatest gifts are Love, Hope and Joy……….in unlimited amounts!

Once Santa visits a child, the very same Santa will revisit again and again as needed. Santa builds a special personal and long-term relationship with his children. Many of our Santas have visited children and their families for 7 or 8 years!visits

The “Core Mission” of Santa America continues as our primary service focus.  Santa America brings Love, Hope and Joy wrapped in a warm Santa hug to children and their families in grief and bereavement, children with a chronic pediatric illnesses, or children suffering from PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder).  Santa visits children in hospice, hospital or at home 365 days a year.

Every Santa and Mrs. Claus is required to volunteer for a local hospice or hospital.  They each receive an NCQA-level background security check (the same as a doctor or a nurse) and receive and annual TB test and special volunteer training.

Confidentiality is an important part of all Santa visits.  All of our Santas and Mrs Clauses are trained to be aware of medical and emotional situations.  An approval form is provided prior to publishing any personal photos or information, where appropriate