Disaster Relief

Disaster Relief

Santa America Services

The Santa America “Children’s Disaster Relief” Support Services cooperates with the American Red Cross and state/local support staff to provide post disaster emotion support and counseling to children impacted by a disaster. Pediatric post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) can appear in children 8-10+ weeks after a disaster.

Santa America Services

In the wake of a disaster, relief services go to work at many levels. Under the general direction of the American Red Cross, volunteer services like Santa America are coordinated to support families who have been impacted.

Regional Santa organizations are organizing nationwide to bring a “convoy of toys” to disaster children. This is a wonderful commitment that children who have lost everything really appreciate! Santa America will cooperate with regional Santa non-profits to make their efforts a complete success.

For the volunteers of Santa America, special needs children are our total focus and Love, Hope and Joy are the gifts we bring. Our focus at Santa America will be on traumatized children, post disaster, on a case by case basis.
Santa joins an assigned team of mental health professionals and volunteers in assisting a child and family in their return to normalcy.

Santa America fulfilling the core mission of Bringing Love, Hope and Joy any time of the yearSupport can extend over a period of weeks and months as determined by assigned healthcare professionals.

Santa can be invited to continue to visit the family at home and at group events beyond the period of post disaster support, as is our tradition.

In all cases, Santa and Mrs. Claus will be approved as a support volunteer by the child’s family or guardian. Love, Hope and Joy are always in abundant supply when a Santa America volunteer is present!

In addition to hospice and hospital volunteer training, Santa America volunteers are required to complete Red Cross and local volunteer services training for disaster relief support.

Santa and Mrs. Claus will align themselves with this program through their local Red Cross and Volunteer Services Organization. A Santa America volunteer must be pre-certified as a Red Cross volunteer to participate in this program. Santa America volunteers with a career in healthcare or emergency response fit nicely into this program, but it is open to all Santa America volunteers in good standing.

Our mission is to bring Love, Hope and Joy to our special children and their families as they return to normalcy after a disaster.

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